WaxPlus Gallery

Here at WaxPlus we believe the proof is where you put it. Here you will find a handful of our work over the years. We are passionate about making your vehicle as clean as possible, and giving it that New look and feel, along with paint & interior protection benefits, that come from Detailing!

WaxPlus Auto Detailing Mobile Auto Detailing Services

We really have a passion when it comes to Teslas. Since 2013, WaxPlus Auto Detailing has had the honor and privilege in assisting in the detailing and preparation of thousands of S-Model Teslas for their new owners. We know what it takes to keep these awesome vehicles  looking "Showroom Ready"  and look forward to helping you make your Tesla look like it did the day it was delivered to you! Click here for a special price reserved for Tesla Owners, or visit our "specials" page , and take advantage of the special pricing reserved exclusively for Tesla owners. 

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