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Remember that exciting feeling when you got your new Tesla, and how it looked? Well now you can get that feeling back with discounts offered only for Tesla Owners! We currently assist Tesla Motoring at various Delivery center locations in Delivering Teslas to new Owners. We have assisted The Tesla Motoring Company in over a thousand Deliveries which include extensive detailing preparation to satisfy and enhance the customer experience when picking up a new Tesla, we have been doing this since 2013. We have the right products and services to achieve that New Tesla look and feel. Experience it Today! Click HereTo View our Gallery!

Give your Tesla that Showroom Shine & have your Interior look and feel new with our Tesla Special Detailing Package. 

Services Include:

Exterior Wash

Exterior Claybar - Makes vehicle paint smooth as glass by removing surface contaminants & grime from vehicles paint & also adds shine

Exterior Polish - Replenishes & Enhances Paints Gloss & removes Light scuffs and scratches

Exterior Wax - Shines, Seals &, Protects.

Interior*-  Vacuum all areas including both trunks and compartments, Trunk & Door Jams Cleaned, All Windows Cleaned, Leather wiped down. 


*Carpet Shampooing, Leather Clean & Condition offered for additional $75

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MeGuires Detailing Expert explains the benefits and process of Claybar & Polishing. Please watch video below for more info. then call us for an appointment ! Thanks for watching......

Before Claybar, Polish &, Wax

After Claybar, Polish &, Wax

Weekly & Bi-weekly Maintenance Service

When you purchase one of the above detailing services specials,  we will include 2 follow up maintenance visits to introduce you to our exclusive Maintenance program as a trial. (fee applies after trial) Have your vehicle looking its best at all times by receiving visits to your home or office every week or every other week and eliminate trips to the car wash! Call now for more info! 1+818-693-8615

15% Off ClayBar, Polish & Wax Detail Service

Give your vehicle that smooth as glass feeling, and Enhance the vehicles appearance & protection from the elements, while removing light scratches and scuffs.

Service Includes:

Exterior - Wash Service

Interior -  Vacuum & Wipe Down 

Claybar - Makes vehicle paint smooth as glass by removing surface contaminants & grime also adds shine

Polish - Enhances Paints Gloss & removes Light scuffs and scratches)

Wax - Shines, Seals &, Protects.

Small - Reg. Price $250  now only $212.50 With 15% off!

Medium - Reg. Price  $275 now only $233.75. with 15% off

Large - Reg. Price $300 now  only $255.00 with 15% off

X-Large - Reg Price $325 now only $276.25 with 15% off

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